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Codex Cosmi is a quasiencyclopædia (something sort of an encyclopædia). It is not supposed to replace Wikipedia or other Internet encyclopædiae (although there are some incorrect or at least dubious statements on the Wikipedia pages). One important, if not the most important reason for the existence of these pages is to serve as a target I can refer to in my other texts and in my teaching.

I am Dr Rami Rekola, PhD, FRAS, professional astronomer and an education oriented entrepreneur. At least while writing this I also serve as the European Southern Observatory (ESO) Science Outreach Network representative for Finland. You can access my home page by clicking the RR logo on the lower left corner of these pages and to my company web pages by clicking the Astromatkat logo.

I have had similar pages for a very long time. However, now I am transferring the old Encyclopædia Galactica under this new name. One reason is that the old pages are technically quite inconvenient to maintain. The main reason, however, is that as a name Encyclopædia Galactica is way too common. Currently there are no other Codex Cosmi pages, so web searches will be more efficient and these pages are more unique.

Oh, what on earth is Codex Cosmi? Naturally it is Latin and means roughly "the encyclopædia of the universe".

Should you find errors on the Codex Cosmi pages, feel free to contact me by sending the error (remember to tell also the title of the article) to address CodexCosmi <├Ąt> You are also welcome to send wishes for the future updates of the pages. Some wishes may actually come true.

I hope you enjoy your visit to these pages!





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