Dr Rami Rekola

Dr Rami Rekola, PhD, FRAS

dr.rekola@gmail.com       (other contact information available by request)

Professional Summary

PhD in Astronomy with 20+ years of diversified coding and development experience with languages such as Python, HTML, SQL and Fortran. Avid Data Scientist with proficiency in problem solving, designing research projects, programming data analysis tools, handling large data sets, and processing complicated images. Looking for a role as a data scientist or researcher, preferably remote unless in Inverness region in Scotland.

Primary Skills

Problem solving, organising, science communication, data analysis, computer simulations and programming.

Languages: Python, Fortran, SQL, HTML, CSS
Databases: PostgreSQL
Other Tools: Git, GitHub, Linux, Bash


Finnish (fluent, native tongue)
English (fluent, IELTS 8.0, TOEFL 112)
Swedish (good)
French (good)
Spanish (intermediate)
Greek (elementary)
Latin (elementary)

Prizes and Special Honours

Prize for a meritorius thesis accepted in University of Turku during the academic year of 2004–2005, The Finnish University Society of Turku (Turun suomalainen yliopistoseura ry); 5 Sep 2005.


Continuing Education

AiCore – Data Science, Jan 2023 – Jan 2024

A comprehensive training programme focused on learning through hands-on experience, developing real-world applications through project-based learning

Stanford University – Machine Learning, Sep 2020 – Dec 2020

An online course on machine learning offered through Coursera

Programming Hub – Python Certification Course, Jul 2020 – Aug 2020

An online course on Python programming

Academic Education

University of Turku   (Turku, Finland):

Doctor of Philosophy (Major Subject: Astronomy): degree awarded on 13 April 2007.
PhD Thesis (Distance Determinations to Nearby Galaxies), accepted with honours on 20 January 2005.

Master of Science (Programme of Physical Sciences, Line of Astronomy): 24 September 1998.
Master's Thesis (Simulations of the Local Group Dynamics), accepted with the highest grade "Laudatur" on 12 September 1997.

NASA/Nordic Astrobiology Winter School   (Hawai'i, USA):

"Water and the Evolution of Life in the Cosmos"; 3–17 January 2011.

NATO Advanced Study Institute Summer School   (Blair Atholl, Scotland, UK):

"The Restless Universe"; 24 July – 5 August 2000.

Finnish Graduate School in Astronomy and Space Physics Summer School   (Tuorla, Finland):

"Modern Data Analysis Methods in Astronomy and Space Physics"; 12–16 June 2000.

Instituto de Astrofísica de Canarias Winter School   (Tenerife, Spain):

"Stellar Astrophysics for the Local Group"; 2–13 December 1996.

Secondary Education

Senior Secondary School of Meri-Pori   (Pori, Finland):

Graduated with average grade of 9.1 (with 10 as maximum); 31 May 1989.

Lorenzo High School   (Lorenzo, Texas, USA):

Graduated with cumulative GPA of 97.30 (with 100 as maximum); 31 May 1988.

Academic Working Experience

Department of Technology, University of Turku (Turku, Finland):

Research in the Digital Health Technology group; 14 September 2020 – 30 September 2023

Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University (USA):

I was hired as an Adjunct Assistant Professor to teach astronomy. I was taught modern teaching methods used both in classroom and online; 16 January 2015 – 20 May 2017.

Institute for Astronomy / University of Hawai'i (Manoa / Honolulu, Hawai'i, USA):

Postdoctoral Fellow (total 3.5 months); 9 March – 24 June 2015.

Tuorla Observatory / University of Turku (Turku, Finland):

Various research positions, all of which allowed for independent research, computer system management, and public outreach (total 18 years 4 months); 1 January 1996 – 30 April 2014.

Department of Physics and Astronomy / University of Turku (Turku, Finland):

Part-time lecturer (total 158 hours of lectures and exercises + preparatory work); autumn 2011, autumn 2009, autumn 2002.

Nordic Optical Telescope (La Palma, Spain):

NOT student / assistant support astronomer (total 7 months, included in the work with Tuorla Observatory); 2000 (4 months), 2002 (3 months).

Metsähovi Radio Observatory:

Junior research assistant, observations with radio telescope 1992 – 1996.

Non-Academic Working Experience

Entrepreneur (company: Astromatkat):

Services in science outreach and education, serving as the European Southern Observatory (ESO) Science Outreach Network representative for Finland (2012-2018), research for Finnish Defence Research Agency (2019-2023); 4 April 2011 – 31 August 2023

Insurance Producer (independent contractor for: American Income Life Insurance Company):

19 October 2016 – 24 February 2017.

Translation of "Quantum Man – Richard Feynman's Life in Science" by Lawrence Krauss into Finnish:

"Kvanttimies – Richard Feynmanin tieteellinen elämä" (ISBN 978-952-5985-14-6); 2013.

Teaching Experience

University of Turku (Turku, Finland):

Course (twice): "Radiative Processes in Astrophysics"; autumn 2011 and autumn 2009.
Course was intended for last year Master's students in astronomy. It consisted of 56 hours of lectures in English + exercises and preparatory work.

Course: "Astronomy I"; autumn 2002.
Course was intended for first year students of natural sciences. It consisted of 26 hours of lectures in Finnish + preparatory work.

Nordic Optical Telescope Science School (Turku, Finland & La Palma, Spain):

The science school consisted of a two day visit to Tuorla Observatory (Turku, Finland) for astronomy lectures and a one week visit to La Palma (Spain) for further lectures and observations that were carried out using the 2.56-metre Nordic Optical Telescope. The science school was organised 9 times from 2007 to 2013 for 20 students per group. The school was intended for last year senior secondary school students. It consisted of 12 hours of lectures in English and in Finnish and 6 hours of telescope observing time. My part was to design the course programme, supervise the visits to Tuorla Observatory and La Palma, and give most of the lectures.

Senior Secondary School "Turun Suomalaisen Yhteiskoulun Lukio" (Turku, Finland):

Course (twice): "Astrophysics"; autumn 2013 and autumn 2012.
Course was intended for first and second year senior secondary school students. In 2012 the course consisted of 40 hours of lectures in Finnish and an examination. In 2013 the course consisted of 23 hours of lectures in Finnish and an examination.

Junior Secondary School "Katariinan koulu" (Turku, Finland):

Course (4 times): "Astronomy"; spring 2013, spring 2012, spring 2011, spring 2010.
Courses were intended for junior secondary school students with learning disabilities. Courses consisted of some 10 hours of lectures in Finnish and practical work.

Memberships in Scientific Societies

International Astronomical Union (IAU): Member since 2012.

Royal Astronomical Society (RAS): Fellow since 2008.

Finnish Astronomical Society: Member since 1996.

Tuorlan Astronomical Society: Member since 2004 (founding member).

Exact Sciences Society: Lifetime member since 1993.

Academic and Scientific Positions of Trust

Finnish National Committee for Astronomy:

Council member (secretary) 2012–15.

Finnish Astronomical Society:

Council member 1996, Vice-Chairman 1997–2000, Secretary 2012–15.

Ursa Astronomical Association:

Council member 2010–13.

Tuorlan Astronomical Society:

Council member (secretary) 2004, Council member (secretary/treasurer) 2004–13, Council member (webmaster) 2014 – present.

Tuorla Observatory / University of Turku:

Council member 2000–04.

Exact Sciences Society:

Council member (secretary/treasurer) 1993–2002, Deputy council member 2002–04.

Department of Physics / University of Turku:

Council member 1993–95.

Member of Local Organising Committee of international conferences:

"N-Body 2008 – N-Body problem: numerical methods and applications", held in Turku, Finland on 10–14 August 2008.

"7th European Workshop on Astrobiology", held in Turku, Finland on 22–24 October 2007.

"Few-Body Problem: Theory and Computer Simulations", held in Turku, Finland on 4–9 July 2005.



Available by request.


Cultural activities:   photography, drawing, painting, computer art.
Social activities:   planning and design of games, voluntary work.
Other activities:   hiking, cooking.

Further Information

Public Outreach Portfolio (5.9 MB)